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  • 1.【Onsen】

    (1)Please do not wear swimming suits.

    (2). Guests with tattoos do not be permitted to use the property's public bathing areas or other facilities where the tattoos might be visible to other guests.

    (3). There is a local tax called a bathing tax in Japan. The bathing tax is imposed on stay in Onsen area. Popularly the amount of a bathing tax is 150 yen per person per night. Even if you do not use Onsen, you have to pay that. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

    (4). No photographing is allowed.

    (Five)Please take towels with you from guests room but do not put into the bath tub. For details please check the bathing manners of hot springs in advance.

    (6). Children using a diaper are not allowed to take a bath.We recommend you to reserve a private bath.Also, children aged 5 and older should use a public bath according to gender.

    (7). There is only one private bath, so we recommend you to make advance booking by e-mail.
    Guests can make reservations in advance. 50 minutes-1650 yen Tax included(Guests only)

    From 15: 00 to 15: 50 / 17: 00 to 17: 50 / 19: 00 to 19: 50 / 21: 00 to 21: 50 / the next morning, From 6:00 to 6:50 / 8:00 to 8:50 / 11:00 to 11:50 / 13:00 to 13:50
  • 2. 【Access】

    (1). Basically we do not offer pick-up service. Please use the route bus from the airport or the nearest station (JR Kirishimajingu Shrine Station / JR Kirishima Onsen station).

    (2). From the nearest bus stop, Maruo Onsen to the hotel is less than 5 minutes on foot but it is going uphill, so we recommend to drive or take taxi if you have lots of luggage.

    (3). There is no route number on the bus. Please be sure to check the destination.

    (4). The parking lot has enough space and it is all free. Our staff will guide you, please follow the instructions.
  • 3. 【Reservations】

    (1). In case of reservation from overseas, We do not accept the direct reservation by e-mail or telephone. Please make a reservation through the reservation site.

    (2). Children from 0 to 2 years old without bed and meals stay for free. Children are not allowed to share the same western style bed with their parents. Please book Japanese style room in this case.

    (3). Please note that the maximum occupancy of the room includes all adult and children and cannot be exceeded under any circumstances. For extra guests exceeding the room occupancy, guests will be asked to separate rooms and additional charges will apply. Guests may not be accommodated if there is no availability, and the property may not be able to arrange meals for the extra guests.

    (4). No early check in. But we will keep your luggage before check-in. Please ask us with your booking name and ID.

    (5). Dinner is reservation only. There are only a few places where you can eat out like a pub within walking distance. There is a convenience store, but there is no family restaurant. Please consider to book dinner if your reserved rooms without dinner.

    (6). We can try to arrange dinner if you have Allergic response to meals. (It depends on detail but Halal food is not allowed) Be sure to inform us in advance (by 1 week before check-in). We can not respond on the day.

    (7). We arrange for flower bouquet, flower basket, whole cake according to your budget. Be sure to request us in advance (by 1 week before check-in).

    (8). The dining room will close at 9 pm. In order to have dinner, please arrive by 7 PM. Even if you did not have dinner for any reason, we can not refund.

    (9). Dinner is decided according to the reservation plan. There is no selection system after arrival. However, there are several a la carte items that you can add on the day. When you place an order, it will take some time until it is served, so please understand.
  • (10). The breakfast venue closes at 9 AM. Please be punctual.

    (11). Please be sure to observe the check-out time. If it exceeds even a little, 1650 yen will be charged per hour. Extension of checkout after 12 o'clock is impossible.

    (12). Payment is at check out. Various credit cards are available but if you can not settle your card for any reason, please pay in Japanese yen, so be sure to also prepare cash in Japanese yen. There is no place to exchange money from foreign currency in the neighborhood. Please be careful.

    (13). Guest is required to let us know in advance if you have another reservations on the same date. So we can provide dinner on the same table as a group, can provide rooms next to each other or near if it's possible. All tables and rooms are organized before you check in.
  • 4. 【Other】

    (1). There are staff who can speak English and Chinese, but they are not resident. We may take time to contact you back by email or phone. Please note.

    (2). We are keeping your luggage with mail or courier service. Please contact us in advance. Also, please be sure to fill in the date of check-in and the name of your reservation somewhere in the slip and pay all expenses in advance. We do not accept cash on delivery luggage, things frozen and chilled, and other valuables.

    (3). As service, Free Wi-Fi in rooms / facilities. But there are situations in which it is difficult to use depending on the place and time. We can't guarantee 100%. We appreciate your understanding.

    (4). Please note that our staff will go into your room during dinner to set your futon on tatami.

    (5). We can not accept overseas shipment of forgotten items in any case. Please check again when you are leaving.