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Kirishima Kokusai Hotel, Hotel with hot steam and turbid hot springs


3930-12 Takachiho, Makizono Town, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture

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From Fukuoka direction 30 minutes from Kyushu Expressway Yokogawa IC on Kyushu Expressway Yokogawa IC 30 minutes from Mizobe Kagoshima Airport IC from Kagoshima area.
  • Information on KIRISHIMA KOKUSAI HOTEL from Kagoshima Airport

    "Use of route bus", Duration 35 minutes
    Please get off at Maruo Onsen Bus Stop bus to Iwasaki Hotel.

    (Outward way)Kagoshima Airport ③ → Maruo Onsen Bus Stop ⑤
    9:40 | 11:10 | 12:40 | 13:40 | 14:40 | 16:10 | 17:40 | 18:40

    (Return)Maruo Onsen Bus Stop ⑥ → Kagoshima Airport
    8:27 | 9:57 | 11:27 | 12:57 | 14:27 | 15:27 | 16:27 | 17:32

    【Taxi service available】
    Approximately 6,000 yen(Approximately 22 km)Duration 35 minutes

    【Rent-a-car use】
    Kagoshima Airport are many rental car companies around Kagoshima Airport.
  • When coming by car

    ※Kyushu Expressway Yokogawa IC ~ (Prefectural Highway Route 50) ~ Farmland Foot of ~ (R223) to Kirishima Onsen Town area in about 35 minutes

    ※Kyushu Expressway Mizobe Kagoshima Airport IC ~ (Prefectural Highway No. 50) ~ (R223) to Kirishima Onsen Town area 30 minutes

    ※Miyazaki Expressway - Miyakonojo IC ~ (prefectural road 31 Route) about 1 hour to Kirishimajingu Shrine before - the (R223) to Kirishima Onsen Town direction


    For telephone number of car navigation input, please enter 0995-78-2621,.
  • Customers using trains

    ※JR Nippo Main Line Kirishimajingu Shrine Station on JR Nippo Main Line to the hotel, it takes about 25 minutes by taxi (about 3,400 yen)
      Route bus → 25 minutes → Maruo Onsen Bus Stop → 5 minutes on foot (The flight number is small.)
    ※JR Hisatsu Line Kirishima Onsen train station on JR Hisatsu Line station, it takes about 25 minutes (about 3,600 yen) by taxi
      Route bus → 25 minutes → Maruo Onsen Bus Stop → 5 minutes on foot (The flight number is small.)

    KIRISHIMA KOKUSAI HOTEL bus stop near KIRISHIMA KOKUSAI HOTEL will be (Maruo Onsen Bus Stop).Maruo Onsen Bus Stop hotel is visible from Maruo Onsen Bus Stop, but it is a little sloping so we will pick you up at the front desk 0995-78-2621 in advance.
  • Information on Surrounding Area, Access required time

    【Gourmet Shopping】
    Yakiniku Chubo, 5 minutes walk from the Wakimoto
    LAWSON Kirishima Onsen Maruo 5 min walk from LAWSON Kirishima Onsen Maruo
    10 minutes by Sekihira Kosen car
    Yumemi-ga-oka (Yume Market, Yume Park) 20 minutes by car
    1 hour by car with Black Vinegar Hompo Kakuida

    【Play · Experience】
    10 minutes by Mahoroba-no-Sato
    10 minutes by Kirishima Plateau Riding Club car
    10 minutes by Kirishima Golf Club car
    Road Station Kirishima 10 minutes by Road Station Kirishima / Shinwa-no-sato Koen Park car
    10 minutes by Miyama Conseru car
    10 minutes by Uenohara Jomon no Mori car
    10 minutes by Mahoroba-no-Sato
    15 minutes by forest car of Kirishima Art
    Garden Resort Spa 20 minutes by Kirishima-no-mori
    25 minutes by Sakura Farm vehicle
    25 minutes by Takachiho Ranch car
    30 minutes by Akarui Noson car
    Kirishima Art Ranch 60 minutes by car
    1 hour 20 minutes by scenic Sembenzuen car
    Ioh World Kagoshima Aquarium 1 hour 30 minutes by car

    15 min walk from Maruo Waterfall
    15 minutes by Kirishimajingu Shrine car
    20 minutes by Shiohitashi Onsen Ryoma Park
    Inukai Waterfall 20 minutes by car